Will You Prosper in the New World?

Published on December 11, 2012

by Coach Art and Anna Kleimer

Are You a Leader or Manager?

If you are a leader you will prosper.  If you are a manager, learn to become a leader or start sending out your resume to old world thinking companies.

What distinguishes Leaders from Managers?

Leaders coach, motivate, and inspire others to grow to take over the leaders functions so the leader can go to the next level.

10 Leader To Do’s

1. Be a life long learner.  Great leaders are always learning usually using coaches to enhance learning. There are two sides to every box, the inside and the outside.  If you only look at the inside how will you ever think outside the box?  Change is constant and rapid.  If you stop and stand still you are going backward and taking your people with you.

2. All Glory no guts.  Leaders take full responsibility for the failures and give their people full credit for the successes. Leaders know they are only as good as their people.  Your people are your clients - not your subjects.  Coaches help leaders stay balanced.

3. In the end it is the means and the ends.  Leaders focus on creating systems, behaviors, attitudes and processes that consistently yield high quality results.

4. Light the candle (don't sit in the dark).  Trusting your gut is not a scientific way to do anything.  Today we have incredible tools that will tell us what makes Harry “tick” and coaches who will help Harry “tick”.

5. Being a PAL is a giant step down a slippery slope.  PAL stands for Poor Anxious Leader.  There is a time and place for being a pal and it is NOT in the workplace.  Coaches hold leaders “big” so they can hold their team “big”.

6. Forget the one size fits all mentality.  Henry Ford said,” give them any color they want so long as it is black.   After losing significant market share Henry Ford was offering dozens of colors, shades and tints.  People are different.  Effective leaders meet the individual needs of their people.  Coaching sensitizes and humanizes.

7. See the end.  Focusing on all the “stuff” along the way means you lose sight of the goal.  Besides it is frustrating, blame oriented, anger producing and just not fun.  Coaching enhances focus.

8. Leadership is a never-ending process of growing, stretching, exploring, creating a world without boundaries.  If you are not going forward you are going backward.  Coaching keeps you moving on your path.

9. What is the expectation?  If you hold others “big” they will be “BIG.”  If you hold them small they will be small.

10. Celebration is 24/7/365.  It is not 1 hour at the awards banquet or the office Christmas Party.  Carrots are much more effective than sticks and work best when freely and repeatedly given.


Art Kleimer is an internationally known speaker having served audiences such as Realtors, business entrepreneurs, couples, and individuals, is a graduate of Dr. Fred Grosses' Blackbelt of the Mind Coaching programs, and co-author of  Power Living: Living Your Life, Liberty and Happiness. Art is a Certified Professional Coach, Graduate of the REALTOR® Institute (GRI), Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), and a Howard Brinton Star Power Star. Book Art as your next speaker or coach or go to www.nikkiandchris.com/artkleimer to learn more.

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